Friday, August 12, 2011


Monday's orientation was your typical new teacher orientation, with one exception... I won $100 in a raffle :) That alone made it all worth while!  During the remainder of the week, I was busy turning in paperwork, squeezing in last-minute doctor's appointments, working in my classroom, and tackling more back-to-school shopping.

I took some "before" pictures of my classroom when I got there and intend on taking some "after" pictures once it is complete to share with you.  Each time I worked in my classroom, I had two little "helpers" along with me.  They may have been a little counterproductive but I am thankful that I have been able to spend my summer with them {although Maddox and I are both definitely ready to go back to school!}.

Much of what I've been doing lately hasn't been picture-worthy but I did snap a few fun Instagram photos that I wanted to share.  Some of them are left over from when my mom was visiting.

1. cheese!
2. evidence of a good root beer float
3. corn-fed
4. products of G.I. Joe's garden

1. her favorite place
2. sleepy beach bum
3. happy
4. not-so-happy ;)

1. stealing tea from papa
2. helping daddy with his homework
3. wearing a colander on his head
4. "this is us." i love his art work

1. diggin in the toy basket wearing half of a skirt
2. stories with daddy
3. silly games with big brother
4. maddox's idea of heaven

 1. exercising with daddy
2. relaxing
3. maddox's "racecar driver face"
4. the kiddos and the tramp

In totally unrelated news, there is an empty lot across the street from our house and I think someone should build a Sonic there so I can have Diet-Cherry Limeaids on demand.

I am full of great ideas.

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