Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ode to a BlackBerry

I broke up with my BlackBerry last week.  We had a great relationship in the beginning but after nearly two years, things just weren't working out between us anymore.  The track ball was messing up and the apps just didn't excite me any longer.  I had been cheating on the old pink lady with J's iPhone for a while now so it was only a matter of time before our relationship came to an end.  Before saying my final goodbyes, however, I downloaded all of the pictures from the old thing.  Here are some random shots from the past two years.

The future firefighter with his Aunt Brookie and Uncle Randy.

Maddox and the very talented Ms. Pat.  She painted his shirt for Storybook Character Day at school. 

The Three Amigos.  Maddox and his two best friends in Kentucky.  We miss them!

This face is often a side effect of long car rides.

Rehearsing for the next episode of Star Trek or checking out 3D TVs at Best Buy?  You decide.

At least someone is using the treadmill, even if it is only for a chair.

Swimming with Miracle and Papa.

Walking with Daddy while waiting for Uncle Bubba to finish riding in the Tour de Cure.

We love the beach!

This is how packed the Swagger Wagon was after a recent trip to Ikea.  Where are the kiddos going to sit??

My three children in the cart.  The green one is currently missing an arm.  Its a good thing we have Tricare :)

Rocking her brother's shades.

Making monster cookies. Yum!

My little engineer showing off his latest creation.

She is happy to be shopping at Michael's with Mommy.

She stole her Aunt Becky's sunglasses on the 4th of July.

I guess she wanted some rice.  

Vegas makes me happy!

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