Thursday, August 4, 2011

Visit from Grandma {Part 1}

We had been anxiously awaiting my mom's visit since she booked her tickets.  I called her every day with the line I made famous on a car trip to Kansas when I was little... "Are you here yet?"

We had plans for her.  Big plans.  Plans of splash parks, popsicle-shaped rice krispie treats, beaches, shopping, Ikea, and so much more.  But just like all things in my life, her visit didn't exactly go as planned.

On our way to the airport to pick her up, she called and said that her connecting flight had been cancelled. She was stuck in Detroit.  For-ev-er.  Or at least it seemed like forever.  And I'm sure it did for her too.  The kiddos and I went back home and Mario, Luigi, and Angry Birds entertained us for a while before we went back to the airport.

Once we got there, Maddox was so excited to see her come down the escalator.  We had plans to go to Ikea after the airport.  It was nearly closed by the time we got her bags and we were all exhausted so we went home.

We spent the next two days hanging around the house.  I gave Hadley a container of yogurt and a spoon during breakfast which resulted in a quick bath in the kitchen sink.  In case you were wondering, I was doing that cheesy smile on purpose in hopes that Hadley would mimic me.  Clearly, my plan didn't work but people have been commenting about not seeing any pictures of me so here I am in all of my cheesy smile glory.

Grandma spent lots of time playing with the kiddos and spoiling them.

Mom couldn't stand the 10-feet tall weeds in our yard so she decided to mow it.  In the middle of the day.  On a super hot day.  Of course, I hadn't touched a lawnmower in 5 years but I figured it was awfully inconsiderate of me to sit inside with my feet up drinking sweet tea while she did all the work so I helped her.  A little.  But thankfully there are no pictures of that.

Since Hadley could finally walk through the yard without getting lost in the weeds, she took full advantage of the swingset.

Maddox and Grandma played many games of Uno.  He's a ruthless Uno player.  He has no mercy.  He must have gotten that from his daddy.

The gardener gave our cucumbers and tomatoes a little TLC.  His assistant played in the dirt.

We ended our day with some root beer floats, brats, and sweet corn... in that order.  Have I mentioned that I love summer?

Tomorrow I'll share the rest of the pictures from Mom's visit.

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